Patrons Of The Congregation

Patrons Of The Congregation

Mother Mary, Our Model

We imitate Blessed Virgin Mary who said “Yes” to God (cf.LK 1:38). By giving the name the Franciscan sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our founder has given her as our Model and the first patroness. We entrust ourselves to God through Mary, through whom God made everything possible (cf. Mk 10: 27). So that He may continue His good work in and through us.









St.Joseph, the just

We accept St. Joseph, the just man, as our second patron. We follow him and dignity of labour through his humble and hard work. We follow him in his fidelity and righteousness.










St.Francis, the poor

Following St.Francis of ASSISI our third patron, who joyfully followed the footsteps of Christ, we unite ourselves intimately with Christ. We live the gospel poverty of St.Francis who was content with God aloe and dedicated himself for the poor.

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