Vocation Promotion

The superiors at the respective levels take incharge of the vocation. During the initial formation the formees are encouraged and guided through Franciscan spirituality. The sisters live the life of inspiration to instill vocation in the children. The vocation promoters of different levels meet to co-ordinate the activities of the Vocation Promotion cell.

Come And See

A Six Months programme to the beginners who express a wish to join the congregation is organized at the Province level.
The different stages of formation include Aspirancy, Postulancy and Novitiate.


It is a Six month Period of integral human and Christian formation needed for religious life.

  • Help to deepen the understanding of her baptismal and conformational consecration.
  • Deepens the knowledge and lives in intimate union with God.
  • Deeper knowledge of the special Charism, history and mission of the Congregation.
  • Incorporated in the congregation as a temporary member.


It is one year period they live a life of prayer in discerning their vocation and learn the rudiments of religious life.

  • Learn the rudiments of religious life.
  • To grow in human qualities, to develop their feminine qualities, and to deepen their understanding of God’s call.
  • To learn to live in a community.
  • To understand the work of God in the history of the congregation with its Charism and aim.
  • Discern their vocation and grow in their commitment to the congregation.
  • Interact with their companions and gradually involve themselves in the apostolic works of the congregation.


It is a two year period of initiation into religious life in the congregation for the service of the Church.

  • Sustained and strengthened by prayer.
  • Find a suitable climate for holistic and integral formation.
  • Nourished y the word of God and the daily Eucharist and supported by the reception of sacramental grace they live the religious life.
  • Prepare themselves diligently to profess the evangelical counsels.
  • Experience the manner of life of the Congregation.
  • Form their minds and hearts in its spirit.
  • To be imbued with the love for the church and its sacred Pastors.