In the middle of the 19th century, Pondicherry mission was an important place for the French M.E.P missionaries. The situation prevailing then in India was not pleasant. Women were considered as slaves and as second class citizens. Education to the girls was viewed as a curse to the family as well as to the country. The Missionaries were convinced that promoting the education of women was the only way to nurture the dignity of women and to raise the standard of the families.

At this juncture, a synod of priests was held in 1844 for which Fr.Louis Savenien Dupuis drafted the programme. The president along with the Priests spoke emphatically about women education and proposed that a Congregation of indigenous sisters should be started with the responsibility of imparting education and to women. This noble and tremendous task was entrusted in the hands of Rev. Fr. Louis Savinien Dupuis who willingly accepted to launch in the vast ocean.

As women education was not thought of in India, Fr. Dupuis had to face innumerable oppositions. Being a man of deep faith in the divine providence, a man of understanding, and a man of vision, he faced those oppositions courageously and creatively. After strenuous efforts he started the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at the Cathedral of Pondicherry on the 16th of October 1844.

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