Attipakkam Hospital



Hospital Name and Address

St. Mary’s Health care centre

Hospital at Attipakkam

Historical background: The hospital at Athipakkam was the first one of the congregation established on 30.09.1965 in order to provide medical care to the less previleged people of that area. It was a period when there was communal riots and untouchability when medical care was denied to the Adi dravidans. The hospital was blessed and opened by then Bishop Most Rev. Ambrose and Rev.Sr. Susai Regina Mary.

Developmental activities

  • In order to erase the poverty prevailing in the village, the hospital privided wheat, atta flour, milk powder and oil to the villagers through CRS.
  • The sisters carried food to 5 village twice in a month.
  • Adoption of orphaned children, giving new life to the socially rejected girls, educating children were emphasised from 1968. The children were also sent for higher education. Some of the children were called for vocation. Marriages were also organised for the deserving girls.
  • Village visits were carried out in the year 2001 to educate the villagers on disease prevention, immunisation, healthy food habits, cleanliness and hygiene etc.
  • Medical camps like Leprosy awareness, General, Dental and Eye camps were organised.
  • A boarding home for the less provileged children was set up opposite to the hospital wherein at present 25 students have been accomodated.
  • Various events like X mas, the foundation day were celebrated periodically.


  • Medical Camp
  • Health Education to Primary and High School students.

Attipakkam 2010 – 2014 Particulars 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
1. No. of Out Patients 9724 7037 7659 6264 4355
2. No of Emergency 544 985 961 902 731
3. No of In Patients 201 45 60 77 73
4. No of Deliveries 11 5 1 Nil
5. No. of Investigations 120 59 86 143 100
6. No of Minor Operations 85 56 50 38 43
7. No. of Free Treatment 767 895 1105 841 764
8. No. of Referral 1
9. No of Village Visit 60

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