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Vision and Mission

We, the sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary cultivate a vision and a dream of personal sanctification striving to establish the kingdom of God following the example of our Master, the Risen Lord.

We love ourselves with a sense of evangelization in the catholic education of the society especially of women. We also undertake other apostolic ministries – health care, care of the aged, pastoral and social service – to achieve the specific objectives and Charism of our Congregation.

  • Motto
    Love and Sacrifice
  • Symbols
    Burning Candles – Light of Christ
    Rose among thorns – Fullness of Love through sacrifice.
  • Charism
    The Sanctification of sisters for the sanctification of Women.
  • Cross and spiral
    Growth in sanctification of the Sisters in the seven Continents of the World.
  • Bird eager to fly
    Women eager to become sanctified

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